Clare Maxfield

Clare Maxfield

I have been fortunate to have a career filled with work that I love. After school I modelled for 4 years, then I  joined Ansett Airlines of Australia. I loved working as a flight attendant until the day those doors closed in March 2002.

I then studied here at what was The Australian Image Company and started my Image Consultancy (Corporate Confidence) in 2002. In the following years, I have written 5 books, trained Image Consultants in many countries including Kazakhstan, New Zealand and , of course, Australia.

I received multiple industry awards from my Professional body –  Association of Image Consultants International.

I am proud to say that includes the distinguished Jane Segerstrom Award for services internationally to our industry. I love presenting, coaching and consulting on all manner of topics that relate to your appearance, behaviour, and communication.

I have been married and divorced and live with my Jack Russell named Pacho. Now that you know about me, I look forward to getting to know all of You.

Clare MaxfieldTelephone: 0414339113
City/Town: Melbourne

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